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PostSubject: FAMILY GUY GM & PLAYER RULES [MUST READ]   Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:46 am

The rules stated here will be divided into two sections, GMs and Players. Everyone are expected to comply with the rules in order to bring out the best experience available in FAMILY GUY World Of Warcraft.

A brief explanation of a life as a GM. They are here to uphold and maintain the rules of FAMILY GUY World Of Warcraft and assist the players in both in-game and technical issues. If players are in doubt of their identity, you can always request them to have their GM mode turned on and they will have a <GM> beside their name and a Blizzard icon will appear beside their speech in the chat log. They are not allowed to abuse their powers in anyway possible.

GameMaster's Rules:

-Do not hand out any item to players.

-Do not hand out any kind of currency be it gold, silver or bronze to players.

-Do not give levels to any players

-Do not modify any stats/damage/resistance/armor/scale/displayid/health/talentpoints/mana/rage/energy/spirit or speed of any players.

-You're not allowed to be biased towards any factions/players/guilds. Treat everyone equally.

-You're not allowed to raid with your AZ account or any GM buffed up character.

-Respect fellow FAMILY GUY Staff Members.

-You're only allowed to join the GameMasters guild with your AZ account.

-Treat all players with respect, reply them back politely and in a comprehensive way.

-Answer tickets and requests for helps ASAP.

-You're not allowed to spawn monsters for players for no specific reasons.

-You're not allowed to give players spells they are not supposed to have or spells that can be gained through normal means.

-You're not allowed to abuse your powers against players. For example, forcing players to join events/guilds or mass summoning players or specific players for no apparent reasons or disrupting their raids just for your enjoyment.

-Teleports are allowed at your own wish, you are not obliged to hand them out.

-Do not use commands you're not sure off.

-Do not activate cheats on players.


Player's Rules:

-Respect the GMs and their decisions, if you have any conflict or trouble with them, post them on the forum

-Respect other players

-If you find any glitch/bugs, you're expected to post them at the forum or alert any GMs. You're not allowed to abuse any bugs.

-Do not over corpse-camp.

-You're allowed to ask for ports but GMs will answer them from time to time and randomly. They are not obliged to give them out.

-Do not spam the World chat.

-Do not mass-spam GMs with whispers.

-Do not demand anything from the GMs.

-Do not imitate any GM names or signs that will impair players ability to identify the true GM or abuse their names for personal gain.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in limiting your access to the game as player or as a GameMaster.

This rules are structured to facilitate the best gaming experience for the players and the ideal environment for the GameMasters to work in. cheers

This list of rules will be updated from time to time to prevent any loopholes abusing from happening.

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