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 FG 2.0 & ArcEmu

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PostSubject: FG 2.0 & ArcEmu   Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:51 pm

* Fixes 2 autoshoot problems.
1) When you ran out of ammo while shooting you didnt stop shooting.
2) When you started shooting then turned around facing away from your target you would keep shooting.
* Prevents resting players who are flagged for combat from logging out.
* Also prevents resting players who are in a duel from logging out.
* Fix rates of block % on many spells, shields

*spawn fixes
*boss spell fixes
*instance updates
*faster/easy show online users for stat.xml

Change logs will only be posted if the update has many changes or major bug has been fixed.
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FG 2.0 & ArcEmu
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